*Appointments are conducted in-office and over the phone.*

Initial Consultation:

$99 for 60 min

Do you have a health goal in mind? Let’s create a nutrition plan to set you up for success! This personalized session includes a nutrition assessment of your eating habits, realistic solutions to overcoming obstacles, establishing achievable goals, and a customized nutrition plan that reflects your needs.

Follow-Up Consultation:

$49 for 30 min  /  $99 for 60 min

Follow-ups are a major component of a successful maintenance plan that keeps you on track. Here, we will review your goals, celebrate your successes, and come up with new strategies so you stay motivated. Any questions you have will be answered, and you will receive continued support from your new health buddy.

Consultation Packages:

$250 for 3 x 60 min

Achieving and sustaining a healthy lifestyle takes time. This package is designed to ensure you have on-going encouragement and guidance over an extended period of time.

Phone Check-Ins:

$49 for 2 x 15 min

I will check in with you via two 15-minute phone appointments to monitor your progress, answer your questions, and provide guidance.

Shop with Ashley:

$49 for 30 min  /  $99 for 60 min

Grocery shopping can be a nightmare when you are trying to eat well. Let’s schedule a one-on-one shopping date to help you gain confidence navigating the aisles. This session includes tailor-made shopping tips, pointers on reading nutrition labels, and meal and snack ideas. Tours are held at the grocery store of your choice. Extra fees may apply based on distance travelled.

Personalized Meal Plans

$350 for 1 week of meals and snacks

Healthy eating used to be simple, but now there’s so much information on how to eat better, like including probiotics, low GI carbs, omega-3 fats, and antioxidants. Leave the science to me, and I’ll design you a comprehensive and delicious meal plan that satisfies your hunger and nutrition goals.

Wellness seminars:

$500 for 60 min

Looking to boost your employees’ health and the bottom line? During this personalized 60-minute seminar, I’ll bring lunch for your team, discuss diabetes facts and diet trends, and provide practical nutrition and lifestyle strategies that ensure your staff stay healthy and productive while getting the job done.

Benefits coverage:

Did you know that my services are often covered by your personal or corporate extended benefits plan? After you submit your payment, I will provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. You may also be covered under the plan of a spouse. If you are unsure about your plan’s coverage, contact your benefits provider.

Cancellation policy: Please note that 48 hours’ notice is required if you cancel your appointment. The full service fee will apply to a no show or for cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the start of the appointment.